Oepn Classes

The open classes are the most versatile and flexible way, both in time and content, to learn the process of the guitar building or any other agreed task in workshop.
The teaching load can be collected every week, and registration is open throughout the year. Each student can sit up at any time because, while classes are in a group, each student progresses at its own pace and follows its own agenda, while the teacher attends each one individually.


Open classes have the most versatile and flexible schedules. Following, in case of guitar making the same Programs as the courses but in a less intensive way, these classes can more easily adjust to the student’s schedule needs.

Functioning of the classes:

The classes are designed to build the complete instrument. The student can choose either the full course program or any other course previously agreed with the master. On the other hand, you must also choose one of the forms of assistance described in the table above. Classes are taught in groups of up to five people, but the teacher will address each student individually, according to processes and capabilities. During school hours, each student has access to a work bench and all the necessary tools.
Princing are quoted per hour and issued monthly. Woods and barnish are not included.


The call is always open.
If you are interestad, puedes venir a conocernos o contactar con nosotros.

Cursos y clases

Curso Completo de construcción de guitarra española
Curso de construcción de cuerda pulsada
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Cursos de Verano 2016

Para junio y julio, aprovecha las vacaciones para aprender el arte de los guitarreros. Todos los niveles. Matrícula ya abierta.
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