Classes and courses

The courses offered at Glissando Guitar-Making School teaches alumns on Spanish guitar for building your own guitar, according to the criteria, methods and processes used in the artisan craft of Spanish guitarrería. The aim is to provide the basic skills and knowledge necessary for the development of a quality Spanish guitar through, eminently, practical training in which the student works directly and personally on it’s own instrument.

The teacher attends to each student according to specific needs, prior knowledge, skill level and confidence with handling the tools.

Learning offer

Actually, we offer this learning programmes:

Complete course of Spanish guitar making.
Full program estimated in 200 hours. The whole process of construction of the guitar is learned.

Open classes. The open classes are the most versatile and flexible option, both in time and content, to learn both the process of building the guitar or any other task on demand. Time is quoted per hour and registration is open all year,

Specialized Workshops.Brief workshops with a low workload, addressing issues that deserve special attention due to their complexity or importance in the guitar construction process, such as the rossete as a mosaique traditional way of the spanish guitar maker, different soundboards arquitecture, neck adjustment ( scales), finishing in french polish, shellac, harmonic modes and sounboard tuning etc. The duration will vary according to the material workshops treated.
These workshops will be programmed throughout the course, and will be posted on the Glissando blog site. 2017 summer workshop are comming soon.