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Mosaic rosette intensive course: design your own rossette

Mosaic Rosettes are one very specialised element in the artisanal process of guitar making. They are also a signature component that identifies both the guitar and its maker. Because of the complexity they entail, too often their construction is avoided, taking to standardised commercial solutions instead of handcrafting an own. In this course, taught by Jose A. Lagunar, we will learn how to build mosaic rosettes from scratch, what to take into account when designing the mosaics, and tips and secrets to give the final touch to our guitars with a high end rosette.

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Top Soundboard Workshop

Harmonic Soundboard Construction Workshop

One week | July 2014

The harmonic soundboard is one of the most important parts of an instrument, whose variations have formed the base of different systems and cultures surrounding the construction of the guitar. In this course you will learn how to construct a harmonic soundboard following the Spanish artisanal tradition, based on different templates and models (Torres, floating, Flamenco) as well as on the methods, criteria, and material of the Madrid School of guitar makers.

Academic load: 30 class hours and 15 open workshop hours (assisted).
Dates: Monday 30th of June to Saturday 5th of July 2014
Hours:Monday to Saturday, Classes from 9 to 14h, Open workshop (assisted) from 14 to 20h (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday).
Where: Glissando, Calle Castillo 4, Madrid
Price: 750 euros. Includes materials and use of tools.
Number of spaces: 5
RegistrationThose interested need to send an email to Glissando info@glissandoguitar.comonce the form is filled out bellow. The form and a course card are available for download here.

*The conclusion of course is subject to all the places offered are covered.
For more info and registration form plese click here

Course Approach:

The purpose of this course is to construct a high quality, harmonic soundboard, according to the various artisanal processes and methods from the Madrid School.

Function of Classes:

This program is designed around the complete construction of our harmonic soundboard and its corresponding (solera) through group classes combined with hours in our free and assisted workshop where the student will be able to make use of the various school facilities.

Various theories regarding wood, the guitar, and its construction will be covered, though the principal function is practical: to learn while doing.

Group Classes start in the morning at 9:00 and end at 14:00h, with a break at 11:30h.

In addition to the academic hours, students have the workshop on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons in order to practice what they will be learning in class, and also to make time for the work required to complete the instrument. During workshop hours there will always be instructors to consult with.


To sign up for this course, you must contact Glissando writing an email to: once the form is filled out below and payment for course reservation is received. The form and a course card are available for download here.

The registration period is open up until one week before the start of the course. Registration price is 250 euros, directed toward the reservation, which will be deducted from the total amount before the start of the course.


Introduction: Creation of the soundboard:

Components of the guitar

Basic tools

Structure of the instrument

Basic characteristics: acoustics, morphology, aesthetics.

Classic guitars and Flamenco guitars

Student presentation of wood and other material

Start of instrument construction

Selection of woods.

Preparation of wood before bonding.

Bonding the panels wood of soundboard following the traditional system

Preparation of the solera scarved templates for the top and back.

Trimming and calibration of soundboard

Outline of stripes over the harmonic soundboard

Shaping and fitting of sides.

Preparation and bonding of “bajoboca” (underneath piece of rossete reinforcement

Preparation and bonding of “bajo puente” (underneath piece of bridge reinforcement<./p>

Trimming of the sound hole.

Layout, fitted and glued of harmonic patterns of wood bracing and cross bars

Sand down and finishing touches.

The course program includes a visit to the wood warehouse for MADINTER instruments located an hour outside of Madrid.

Arturo Sanzano

Arturo Sanzano

To teach the classes and construction courses, Glissando counts, among others, with the guitar teacher master Arturo Sanzano, renowned luthier with over 40 years career combining guitar building, training and also judging on guitar construction courses and competitions, both at the national and international levels.

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