Summer worshops and Courses

At Glissando we have started to prepare summer courses. This year we hope to improve ourselves and improve the offer of previous years, with a greater variety of programs and better content.

From July we want to celebrate the luthier summer courses, Spanish guitar construction There are many who write to us from other cities or countries asking about the possibility of enjoying the courses in a concentrated period of time. Precisely for those of us who know that you can not travel to Madrid during the time necessary to attend the regular courses, it is for those of us who think and design these courses. Also, thinking of those who come from outside of Spain, among other novelties, we are planning to enrich the workshop hours with activities linked to the world of the guitar (visits to museums, concerts, talks, etc).

Although the programs are not yet closed, if we advance the courses in which we are working:

  • Intensive Spanish guitar construction course , to learn how to build a guitar from start to finish. The best: in the end you take your finished guitar.
  • Workshop of Ammonic Caps, to learn the different models of harmonic cover of the guitar tradition.
  • Workshop of Rosettes, for guitar.
  • Painting Workshop, for guitar
  • “Recover your guitar” basic notions of maintenance and repair on the guitar